About Sophie

„The early completed“


„Admirable independent interpretations of luminous transparency, captivating intensity and compelling musical logic“


„[…] The only reflective moments on this thrilling disc are provided by Liszt’s Consolations and the dreamy Liebestraum No3- if only to prove that she is human and needs a rest like us mere mortals […]“

Pianist Magazine UK

„Her expressivity never becomes an end in itself: at any one moment her playing is artistic, contemplative,surprising and illuminating“

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

„Sophie brought a freshness of interpretation, a fluidity of performance and a keenness to highlight the works considerable charms, making it not just classy but exciting“

Perth Courier, Garry Fraser
The function of the creative artist consists in making laws, not in following laws ready made. He who follows such laws, ceases to be a creator. 
Creative power may be the more readily recognized, the more it shakes itself loose from tradition.[..] 
The true creator strives, in reality, after perfection only. And through bringing this into harmony with his own individuality, a new law arises without premeditation. 
Ferruccio Busoni, Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music – Entwurf einer neuen Aesthetik der Tonkunst [Dual Language Book]
The keen eye on the notes is joined by a line of a mind that, as Virginia Woolf (Mrs. Dalloway) would say, like “a knife through everything“ immersed even in the text, in its inner life.
This knife honestly can only be the knife of my mind. And that is the last possible fidelity to the text.