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“In Between” as “Best of 2018” in Daily Mail UK

Sophie Pacini’s current album “In Between” has just been selected by Tully Potter for the Daily Mail UK in his 4 “Best of 2018” recordings and has been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6518537/Maccas-box-sets-ADRIAN-THRILLS-reviews-bumper-crop-anniversary-reissues.html

MDR Kultur about “In Between”

Martin Hoffmeister from MDR Kultur reviews Sophie Pacini’s newest album “In Between” “One has clearly heard that this German-Italian pianist in her mid- 20’s, has already all the pianistic means at her disposal to bring this complex, this emotionally charged music into form. It needs many tones, nuances and shades of colour, a touch of […]

Press communication of “In Between”

KINSHIP AND AFFINITY: SOPHIE PACINI AND “IN BETWEEN” A text by Susanne Staehr in conversation with Sophie Pacini “To be a composer – that’s a man’s business.” That was the view of Felix Mendelssohn who appreciated the works of his sister Fanny but refused to publish them: “But I won’t persuade Fanny to publish something,” […]

“In Between” on German television ZDF

“In Between” live at ZDF Morgenmagazin On July 19 Sophie Pacini presented her new Warner Classics album “In Between” at ZDF Morgenmagazin, explained her concept for the album in an interview with Jana Pareigis and played excerpts from Mendelssohn’s “Lieder OHNE Worte” and “Schumann’s “Widmung” in the piano version of Franz Liszt. Look and listen […]

Portrait on Bavarian Television on September 2nd

On September 2, 18, Sophie Pacini will be portrayed on Bavarian television at “Land und Leute” in excerpts from her concert life, her everyday life in Munich and Aying, her new album “In Between” with Warner Classics and stories from her childhood as well as her encounter with her mentor Martha Argerich. September 2, 6:45pm […]

Piano News about “In Between”

Carsten Dürer awards 6 stars for “In Between” at Piano News “Anyone who has ever experienced Sophie Pacini live will not be surprised that this intelligent artist has come up with a special relationship of tension: that one between the famous couple Schumann to Mendelssohn and Liszt. […] And already after a few bars you especially […]