BR Klassik commissioned five letters from Sophie Pacini to Clara Schumann on the occasion of her 200th birthday on 13th September 2019.

Sophie wrote and personally conceived these letters around the topics “women”, “travel”, “love”, “hands” and “father”.

Here are all letters for your consideration (in German):

Recently, Sophie Pacini was celebrated with great success for her interpretation of the Robert Schumann Concerto, which she performed for a whole week with the Symphony Orchestra on the Lower Rhine under the baton of Stefanos Tsialis in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.


Excerpts from “Rheinische Post”, where Heide Oehmen writes:


“For the only piano concerto by Robert Schumann – in A-minor (op. 54) – a gift to his wife Clara (who also premiered it) – the orchestra had won the young pianist Sophie Pacini. The Italian-German pianist, well travelled and engaged by well-known orchestras, was the first among equals, with a high level of technical ability, just as Schumann wanted his melodious opus to be understood. The solo part and orchestral parts have to merge organically, and the artist knew how to optimally execute the attentive secondary orchestra and the empathic staff leader. For the persistent applause, Pacini thanked the public with Schumann’s song “Dedication” in Liszt’s arrangement which corresponded to the original. It was dedicated to the composer’s wife Clara whose 200th birthday the music world celebrates this year. ”

Sophie has just returned from a very successful and inspired time in Hamburg where she performed Martha Argerich. Together with violinist Adrian Iliescu & cellist Edgar Moreau she performed Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio in G minor at the personal invitation of Martha Argerich, and together with Martha Argerich, Mauricio Vallina and Dong Hyek Lim she played at Bach/Vivaldi’s Concerto for four Pianos at Laeiszhalle together with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra.


What an evening!

Foto credit: Bernard Rosenberg

Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg

Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg

Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg

Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg

Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg

Sophie Pacini’s current album “In Between” has just been selected by Tully Potter for the Daily Mail UK in his 4 “Best of 2018” recordings and has been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars!

Tully Potter gives a full 5* review about “In Between” in the Daily Mail! “I have not enjoyed a mixed recital so much for years.”

Full review:

Tully Potter reviews Sophie Pacini new Album “In Between” in the Daily Mail

Martin Hoffmeister from MDR Kultur reviews Sophie Pacini’s newest album “In Between”

“One has clearly heard that this German-Italian pianist in her mid- 20’s, has already all the pianistic means at her disposal to bring this complex, this emotionally charged music into form. It needs many tones, nuances and shades of colour, a touch of culture and finesse, where one must play flexibly, master the art of rubato, and of course one must not allow oneself to be torn away from this seductive music, or fall into mannerisms.
Pacini handles all this masterfully; technically she is sublime beyond any doubt. Her spectrum of expression between madcap ride, forced access, mystical immersion, poetically soaked melancholy and contemplation is groundbreaking. I must say: for me she is the ideal instrumentation when it comes to the piano repertoire of the 19th century.”

Review Martin Hoffmeister

Number 2 in the German classic charts

Sophie Pacini’s new Warner Classics album “In Between” stormed the Official German Classic Charts, being ranked Number two in the first release month!

Number 2 in German Classical Charts


“In Between” live at ZDF Morgenmagazin

On July 19 Sophie Pacini presented her new Warner Classics album “In Between” at ZDF Morgenmagazin, explained her concept for the album in an interview with Jana Pareigis and played excerpts from Mendelssohn’s “Lieder OHNE Worte” and “Schumann’s “Widmung” in the piano version of Franz Liszt.

Look and listen to the performance here on Facebook:

Sophie Pacini live beim ZDF MoMa

Sophie Pacini live beim ZDF MoMa

Sophie Pacini live beim ZDF MoMa

On September 2, 18, Sophie Pacini will be portrayed on Bavarian television at “Land und Leute” in excerpts from her concert life, her everyday life in Munich and Aying, her new album “In Between” with Warner Classics and stories from her childhood as well as her encounter with her mentor Martha Argerich.

September 2, 6:45pm on BR television

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